Draw me bunnies
I'm Rabbit and this is my art blog, where I will post all my crappy stuff. My sketches have horrible quality and I am bad at what I do, so follow at your own risk.

Face details from the sketch commissions.. Because I really like how they turned out.
3-part sketch commission, colored waist-ups for a lovely lady on DA.These characters were really fun to draw (:
My fortune reading for Friday evening.
Lately I’ve been feeling pretty energetic and inspired, and today I got the urge to do something about my most developed story “Three wishes”. Since I am way too lazy to do something proper, even with the inspiration and all, I decided to at least make draft versions of the pages, so I can eventually ease my work in the future. 
And with this, I present you the (sketchy, crappy) beginning of my story.
Work today is pretty “light”, so I doodled my pony baby while waiting for things. Sorry for the poor quality and the far-from-perfect anatomy.. Still not sure how ponies work :c
I’m in a glorious mood.
With the awesome start of season 4 I got hyped up to draw some fanart..and then I remembered I still need to finish my Tia/Luna fanart. I’m already tired of it, but for some reason I really want to finish it. Not sure if I wanna give them wings anymore tho.. especially after the decision to go for a season 2 Luna alternative version :cTop - November 2013, bottom - November 2012.
For a doodle thingie on Facebook. She’s saying “You smell like burning”