Draw me bunnies
I'm Rabbit and this is my art blog, where I will post all my crappy stuff. My sketches have horrible quality and I am bad at what I do, so follow at your own risk.

Today was the absolutely worst, so I drew me an Annie in about 10 minutes. Because little pyromaniac children are the cutest. I changed my summoner name to 404BearNotFound the other day to match my love for this little beast. She makes me happy <3

I drew you guys a happy HayHay, cuz you’re super cute and I love you all! Thank you for 430+ followers! <3

i did a thing for a side blog of mine.
i kinda sorta really like it
First attempt at creating patterns
My hand hurts like hell these days, but as Murphy’s law goes, I really wanted to draw. I decided to go for a small challenge… everything was done on the same layer (aside from the eye lashes) and with the same brush, just with lowered opacity. I’m quite content with the end result.Original picture found on google images.
Face details from the sketch commissions.. Because I really like how they turned out.
3-part sketch commission, colored waist-ups for a lovely lady on DA.These characters were really fun to draw (:
My fortune reading for Friday evening.